Active Learning

  • Let's get social!

Kids are active! This quality actually helps kids learn. Research shows that kids learn more when they are  actively involved in the process. That is what Weekday Ministries is all about. We provide programming and activities that actively involve children in learning about God’s love. Your kids will have fun, be active, and learn about Jesus every time they attend one of our quality programs!


Our Preschool embraces the philosophy of learning through play. We believe children learn best when they interact with the world around them. Classroom environments are designed to enhance and enable each child to experience hands-on what God has created for them!

Classroom Curriculum

Developmenal Focus for 2 year olds
Developmental Focus for 3′s
Developmental Focus for 4′s
Developmental Focus for 4.5/5′s

School Age Programming

Weekday Ministries provides ample opportunity for school age children to interact with their peers, and also allows for some quiet time. Indoor/outdoor play, learning centers, homework room, special electives, and more all provide active experiences for children to enjoy.